Meet New Friends, and Stab Them!

We’re an equal opportunity fencing club. Whether you prefer Épée, Foil, or haven’t set foot on the strip before and are Googling what those terms mean, we have a spot for you with a specialized coach. Fencing is a sport for ALL AGES.


Epée: Known as the dueling weapon, epée is the closest recreation we have to the swordplay used once armor was made obsolete. In epée, a touch can be scored anywhere on a fencer’s body, head-to-toe. Also, the rules of “right of way” are not used, meaning if both fencers score a touch in the given time, both score a point.

Foil: Traditionally the “learning weapon,” foil was created for maestros of the past to teach proper skills to their students. In foil, touches to the torso (chest and back) only are valid. It also employs the rules of “right of way,” meaning only one fencer can score a valid touch at a time.

Open Fencing: A block of time dedicated to our experienced fencers to allow them to practice bouting.