Welcome to Edge of America Fencing! We’re a full-service fencing organization that offers everything from beginner group classes for those who’ve never stepped on the strip, to solo competitive coaching for fencers who are tournament bound. With classes for both children and adults, you can make it a family affair!

Take a look at our website and find a class that works for you. Or contact us today and one of our coaches can answer your questions and we will get you started with the right class for you 843.410.9099.

Edge of America is TEMPORARILY located at 7260 Rab Dr, North Charleston, SC 29406

Details on new, permanent location will be released soon.

We’d love to hear from you!

Help us continue growing Olympic Fencing in South Carolina! We’ve spent the last four years building a fencing community in Charleston, creating an affordable haven for those seeking an alternative sport. All proceeds will go to equipment and gear for the club!